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Create a time slot

  1. Go to your Timetable (this link only works if you are already logged into your Rosa account).

  2. Click on the day and time you wish to insert a time slot and follow the steps:

    1. Select the calendar for which you want to create the timeslot and adjust the start and end time if necessary.

    2. If your time slot repeats regularly, select “Repeat this slot”. Decide how often and on which days you want to repeat the time slot, as well as the possible end date.

      1. Finally, you can indicate at this stage if it is a "Last-minute booking". This means that the appointments in this time slot will only be available for online booking from a specific time, different from the normal time slots.

        In this example you define a time slot for every Tuesday and Thursdays (from 7 am to 11 am, starting 04/07/2023). Based on the above settings, patients will only be able to book an appointment in this time slot 24 hours in advance. This means that appointments for Tuesdays can only be booked on Mondays starting at 7am, and for Thursdays appointments can only be booked on Wednesdays starting at 7am?

  3. Select the motives for which you are available during that time slot. You can chose one or more motives.

  4. You can customize the time slot by giving it a specific name and color.
    In this step, you can also select “Grouped appointments”. This means that a new online appointment can only be made just before or after an existing appointment to avoid holes in your agenda.

  5. In the last step, you can review if everything is correct and, if so, click on “Confirm” to add the time slot to your schedule.

You can find more information about “Last minute booking” by clicking here.

You can find more information about “Grouped appointments” by clicking here.

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