Block public holidays in your agenda

Some health care professionals receive consultations on holidays, just like any other day, while others enjoy a well-deserved day of rest.

If you are in the second case, find out in this article how to mark in your agenda and restrict the booking of appointments on holidays.


In this article you’ll find:

Add Belgian public holidays to your calendar

The addition of holidays is done via synchronization to an external calendar (To learn more, see the article How can I implement an external agenda in Rosa )

  1. Go to your settings, Calendars menu

  2. Click on the "+" next to my calendars

  3. Click on "Add an external calendar".

  4. In the "Link to calendar" field, paste this link and click on "Add this calendar

  5. Then complete the following

    1. the name of the calendar

    2. the color

    3. check the "Prevent overlapping appointments" box so that your availability is blocked on public holidays.

    4. the calendar permissions if you wish (For more information, see the article How to manage my calendar permissions )

  6. Click on confirm


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