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  • Synchronize Rosa to (para) medical software

    You need a 'Token' to create a link. The first half of this article explains where to find this token. In the second half, it is explained per (para)medical software what to do with this token.


    In this article you’ll find:

    1. Select Token

    1. Go to Integrations (this link only works if you are already logged into your Rosa account)

    2. Find the software you are using in the list and, on the right, click on “Create Token”

    Is your (para)medical software not in the list? Then fill in this form. We will contact their representatives.

    1. Copy the token and follow the instructions for your software (more details below)

    2. Details per software integration

    1. Open Halingo and go to the Rosa section

    2. Paste the Rosa token into Halingo and click "connect"

    3. Check whether the synchronization was successful

    Go to your Opal Vision account

    You can then go through the following steps in EyeFile itself:

    1. via the menu at the top: Options -> Settings

    2. (left column) External Software , then choose tab 'Rosa' at the top

    3. check the boxes at (1).

    4. at (2) Rosa username and password (the login you normally use to log in to Rosa)

    5. the 'Token' (the code copied as described above)

    6. with button (3) you have to set which Rosa agenda is your own agenda. This is necessary, for example, to automatically allocate the correct waiting room for a clicked appointment in the Rosa calendar.

    7. click on 'OK' at the bottom

    8. Restart EyeFile

    When you click on 'Agenda' via the bar at the top of EyeFile, the online Rosa agenda will open and the link with EyeFile can be used.

    You can open the calendar with the keyboard shortcut (Alt + A) or via the button at the top of the menu bar in EyeFile.

    Link to EyeFile documentation: https://support.eyefile.be/agenda/online-agenda-via-rosa/

    You must be an administrator in Jade to perform this manipulation

    1. Go to your Jade account

    2. Go to the "Administration du center" menu on the left and enter your password

    3. Then go to the "Paramètres" menu

    4. Click on the pencil at the end of the blue line “Autres paramètres du centre”

    5. Paste the token (which you copied in Rosa) into the “Clé API Rosa” field

    6. Click on “Enroll”

    Your AllsoftPlus contact person needs both the Rosa token and the ID of your Rosa calendar to activate the link with AllsoftPlus:

    1. Open an email to your AllsoftPlus contact person and paste the Rosa Token in it.

    2. To find the ID of your agenda, go to 'Settings' in Rosa

    3. Click on “Calendars” at the top left, then on the pencil next to the calendar you want to share with AllsoftPlus.

    4. If you clicked on it, you may copy the full URL at the top of the page.

    5. Paste the URL in the email to your AllsoftPlus contact and send the data.

    If you have several calendars in Rosa, you must click on the pencil icon next to each calendar and then copy and paste the URL in the email to your contact at AllsoftPlus.