Your Timetable

In addition to the agenda, which gives you an overview of all your appointments, you also have a timetable. The purpose of this timetable is to set and manage your availabilities, which has the following advantages:

  • Get a visual overview of your availabilities ( in your agenda)

  • Communicate to your colleagues and/or secretary when you are available to book appointments (when in a group practice)

  • Define when patients can book appointments online (in combination with motives)


On this page you’ll find:

Get to the Timetable

You can go to your timetable by clicking on ‘Timetable’ in the top right corner of your Rosa account:

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Time slots shown in your calendar

The time slots you add to your timetable will also be displayed in your calendar.

For example, if your timetable looks like this:

This translates into your calendar as: