Set up online booking in 3 steps

In addition to your agenda and online presence (via the public profile), Rosa allows you, if you wish, to activate online appointment scheduling. This allows your patients to make an appointment during pre-defined time slots.

This article explains how to configure your agenda to allow your patients to book an appointment at certain times.

In this article you’ll find:

Allow online booking

To enable online booking, 3 elements must be in place:

  1. At least one motive must allow online booking.

  2. At least one time slot must have been created for this motive.

  3. Your public profile must be activated.

1. Create/Update your appointment motives

It is important that your patients know exactly what type of appointment they are booking with you. The first step is to create one or more "motives".

Make sure the "Allow online booking" option is checked for the motives you want patients to be able to book online.

2. Create your time slots

Once you have created your appointment motives, you can define your time slots (your schedule).

Patients can only book an appointment for:

  • a motive for which you allowed online booking

  • the times you have set

From the moment you or a patient has made an appointment or you add an leave in your calendar, patients cannot make an appointment online at that time.

3. Enable your public profile

Patients can book appointments via your public profile. Don't forget to activate it to be found!