Create motives

Add a motive for each type of consultation you offer. This will help the patient to book an appointment that is helpful for them and you will be able to prepare correctly for the upcoming appointment.


In this article you’ll find:

Add a new motive

  1. Go to Motives (this link only works if you are already logged into your Rosa account)

  2. Click on "+ Add a motive"

  3. Fill in the information about your new motive:

    1. The specialty to which the motive will be applied (if you work in a group practice)

    2. The name of the motive

    3. The color of the motive

    4. The place

    5. Who the appointment is for (new and/or existing patients)

    6. The duration of the appointment

    7. If the appointment can be booked online

    8. If notifications are sent for this motive

  4. Don’t forget to click ‘Add Motive’ if you’re ready

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