Set up Rosa as an internal agenda system in 3 steps

This article explains how to configure your agenda without allowing patients to book an appointment online.


In this article you’ll find:

1. Enable your public profile

Even though you don’t allow patients to book appointments online, we recommend to activate your profile! This way your patients can find all necessary information about you. If you leave your contact details, new patients can contact you trough email or phone to book an appointment.


2. Create/Update your appointment motives

To organize yourself better, we recommend to create a motive for every tip of appointment you offer. This will help you plan you agenda more efficiently. Or when you work in a group practice, will give your colleagues or secretary a good idea of when you are available for a specific type of appointment.

Make sure the "Allow online booking" option is not checked (= grey) for the motives you don’t want patients to be able to book online.

3. Create your time slots

Once you have created your appointment motives, you can define your time slots (your schedule).

This will provide a clear overview in your agenda, so it will be clearly visible for yourself and for your colleagues when you are working.